The story of an ID10T

The story started for me as a boy. Living at home, plastered to the round tube screen, you’d find me playing the latest PC titles.

Fast forward to today, I’m proudly plastered to the flat screen playing the latest PC titles and providing quality products and services to share my experience as a gamer and business owner with you.

I’ve been an avid gamer and industry supporter for over a decade now. All while alpha, beta, technical and play testing games for countless game studios and working closely with developers and industry gurus.

Email me at today with any comments, concerns, or business opportunities. I love making new connections with people!

Gifts and Merch for all you ID10Ts out there.

You can get all of your favorite merchandise like clothes, bags, and stickers! Everyone loves stickers.

Be sure to check out our Store, and while you’re at it, stop by my Channel and follow to see me live on Twitch! Once you do, join our community on Discord.

Phenomenal Rage

User has an uncanny ability to lose his cool. Though he isn't one to quit a game lightly.

Variety Gamer

Playing games ranging from his Atari 2600 to the latest VR titles with roomscale and fingertracking.

Creator Extraordinaire

Seasoned content creator on Twitch, working with renowned Twitch and YouTube personalities.

Good Game

Building a community around gaming, VR and technology, a boiling pot of nerdiness can be found on Discord.

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Best Quality Printed T-Shirts & Mugs At Affordable Prices!

  • Tshirts
  • Headwear
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Finally I am able to bring my best and worst ideas to the world, and share them with you.

You’re the whole reason I’m here today!

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